January 26


Boyfriend went to new York today for a client meeting and managed to sneak out to Ladurée and brought home 15 macarons for me as a surprise. He got me all my favorite flavors, too. Best. Day. Ever.


  • [...] (I pee a lot), my hands are like sandpaper. This hand cream smells delicious, like rose macarons (interesting macaron story over on 365 yesterday, in case you missed it!) and isn’t paste-y or sticky. Like most Body Shop products, [...]

  • Swoon what a lovely boyfriend! If he’s anything like Richard, he looks at your blog to see what you buy you so keep it up and be careful not to blog about anything you don’t actually want.

    • He and Richard are alike! My Christmas presents were almost all things I had posted about at one point or another. A dangerous precedent to set, I think…

  • You have a good man there!

    • Thank you, H! I think so :)

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